We went to see the Pixies the day after we reached the two month mark.  We’ve been trying to do something at least each month so that we have some dedicated couple time.  I refuse to call it date night and to fix an actual date that we do these things on, it’s more of picking something we want to do and actually being a couple.

Anyway back to the Pixies it was AMAZING!

The warm up band were a Sydney band called The Art and I’m pretty sure that their lead singer was made of play-doh and springs.  He was definitely an entertaining frontman and they didn’t suck.  It is to be noted that the singer is only HFFA.  They have a myspace of course.

play-doh spring man - aka Azaria

The Pixies were of course fantastic, the lighting and visuals that were a part of the show were really inspiring.  I’m hoping to start painting again this weekend, I have some new things that I want to try because of the show.

It was incredibly hot and stuffy in the theatre and I kind of felt a bit old and slack, mostly because there was a 60-70ish man who danced for the entire night while just watching was slaughtering me in the heat.

We bought a cd of the show which was a pretty nice memento despite the incompetent organisation which meant we lined up were moved in to a different line so we had to line up for a ridiculous amount of time while old lady me whined because I had to work the next day.  I’m still glad we got it though the last song for the night and therefore on the second disc was the song we walked down the aisle to, a really lovely song to end the night on and to continue to celebrate our marriage with.